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Business Continuity 

Hundreds of businesses fail each year as the result of unplanned disruptions. But even in the face of compelling statistics many businesses fail to take the risk of disruptions seriously and they pay a heavy price.

We have a range of business continuity and disaster recovery solutions to keep your business working through any unforeseen circumstances.

Most disruptions are not the kind that make headlines. Public transport strikes, excavators slicing through cables, gas leaks, security alerts and localised power cuts are much more likely to affect your business than anything more serious.

Prepare - and that’s where we can really help. Our solutions can keep your business running, not just in the face of everyday contingencies but during major emergencies too.

Backing up important data, installing of UPSs, equipping staff with mobiles and laptops to work at home. These are all standard measures but at Telecom Networks we go further.

Published telephone numbers - We make sure your staff can still answer calls when they can’t get into work, when offices are out of action and even when the lines are down.

Thinking beyond the obvious is the key to business continuity and that’s why our customers have come to rely on us.


  • Performance statistics
  • Call divert
  • Time of day routing
  • Day of week routing
  • Call distribution
  • Announcements
  • Advanced call statistics


  • Take control of main customer-facing numbers such as sales and support line
  • Control key individuals’ contact numbers
  • Ensure that calls are always answered, no matter the circumstances impacting the business
  • It’s flexible and lets the end-customer make the call routing changes for the specific issue that they are experiencing
  • It provides great Management Information through online reports that can track calls to end-customer businesses during “normal” and exceptional circumstances

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