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Understanding Lines and BT Openreach

We can provide fixed lines to a better telephony service with lower prices

The largest single supplier of telephone lines in the UK is Openreach.  They have the most complete network in the UK.  It's probably easiest to think of them as wholesalers and Telecom Networks as the company who bill you each month as the retailers. When you order a communications service from a retailer (Telecom Networks), we place an order to Openreach to connect up that service.  This is the same process with every communication provider in the UK.  Most Telco's use Openreach for new line provisions and fault repairs.

There are other line suppliers, usually local cable companies with specific geographic capability. If you do not live in one of these areas then Openreach is your only source for telephone lines.

Openreach does not deal directly with the end user. In other words it does not matter who bills you at the end of the month whether its BT or another provider, everyone uses Openreach and has the same access.

Similarly, when you want to report a fault or re-arrange an engineering visit, you must do so through Telecom Networks, your retailer, who then instructs Openreach to fix the problem or change an existing appointment.

Save money against BT business line rental and call rates.

  • Keep your existing telephone numbers.
  • Rapid provisioning and installation process with status reports.
  • Excellent customer service through your dedicated, named account manager.
  • Simple billing – one monthly bill for all calls and line rental.
  • Temporary lines available for events or unforseen circumstances.

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