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Education and Charities

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The education sector needs safety, efficiency and resilience when it comes to their phone systems. Charities likewise need reliability from their phone systems. Horizon offers the perfect solution for both.



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The education sector must consider many factors when introducing a telephony system. Schools look for three things in a phone system - safety, efficiency and resilience. The phone system supports the day-to-day operations of a school, so it is crucial it has certain features and functionality. 


The Challenge

Teacher and student safety is paramount and therefore a communication system that enables the staff and students to be safe at school is imperative. 

Schools need a reliable, resilient phone system, and if there are circumstances that mean the phone system cannot work in the way it is designed to, an effective disaster recovery plan is needed. It is vital that messages can be left so that issues can be dealt with quickly and efficiently. 

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To find out why Horizon is the solution, click here to download our Education Brochure and call us on 0141 404 5441 to arrange a meeting with one of our technical sales team who can carry out a fully onsite survey free of charge.

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Due to the nature and urgency of the work that takes place within charities, a reliable telephony system is vital. Helplines need to be available 24/7 and should a crisis occur there must be a continuity plan in place. 


The Challenge

Charities deal with many sensitive subjects, therefore privacy is a big issue when it comes to technology. The phone system must ensure that information is held confidentially and securely. 

Many charities have shops and help points spread over a wide area which makes it very difficult to administrate. 

They need to provide a reliable, efficient service which will be able to provide help to those who need it, and also deal with calls from people wishing to make donations. 

An issue for many charities is the high number of employees spread across different locations. The phone system must allow people to get through wherever they are, and to the correct person and location. 

While the telephony system is a crucial aspect especially for charity helplines, a reliable service is needed within a limited budget. Unfortunately high quality telephony features often come with a high price tag. 


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Horizon is the affordable solution for charities too, so click here to download our Charity Brochure and call us on 0141 404 5441 to arrange a meeting with one of our technical sales team who can carry out a fully onsite survey free of charge.

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