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Professional On Hold and IVR Telephone Messages for You!

In the current financial climate it's worth taking advantage of every resource available to your business!

Many companies do not take advantage of their humble telephone as a great marketing tool resource for new and existing customers!

On Hold Messages are proven to help businesses succeed in so many ways!

They reduce customers hang ups, increase sales, they’re a great marketing tool, they entertain and assure callers their calls will be answered and much more while you have a caller’s undivided attention!

There are many benefits to having an On Hold Message and here are our top 10 reasons. 

1.     Drastically reduces call hangups.

2.     Enhance your company brand image and reputation.

3.     Promote your products and services to callers.

4.     Potentially gain new sales and leads.

5.     Callers learn more about your company and what you do.

6.     Keep callers entertained while they wait.

7.     You can direct customers to your website.

8.     Assure callers their call is important and will be answered.

9.     Improve your customer experience.

10.  Take advantage of a customer's undivided attention.

Choose your professional voice online

Please find a link to a unique page where you are able to listen to music and male or female professional voice over artists similtaneously to let you hear what your new On Hold message could potentially sound like!

Make it happen!

All you have to do is send us your proposed script or let us know if we can help you write your script for you? Finally, let us know what voice and music you would like to use and we will do the rest! Turnaround time is 3-5 Days!


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