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The Hidden Costs Of Traditional Phone Systems

The arguments about replacing an out of date phone system often focus on direct costs, but the hidden costs have an even more detrimental effect.

These are the direct costs:

Direct costs.png

However, the hidden costs of not replacing outdated phone systems are much greater.

  • Poor service = Lost customers - 89% of business leaders believe that customer experience will be their primary basis for competition¹
  • Inflexible working = Loss of talent - 75% of employees rank workplace flexibility as their most important benefit²
  • Poorly equipped employees = Lost productivity - Improved productivity was the number 1 driver of Unified Communications adoption in a PwC survey of small to medium-sized UK businesses³
  • Missed opportunities = Missed revenue - 68% of UK small to medium-sized businesses report collaborating with each other by sharing skills, experiences and networks4
  • Outdated systems = Increased downtime - 80%+ of IT and Line-of-Business Managers admit using non-approved applications in their jobs5
  • Routine administration = Wasted IT expertise - The average pay for a UK IT operations manager is £44k, while in the US it is $80k6


There is a better alternative:

Cloud Communications

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The longer you shackle your business with an outdated phone system, the more growth opportunities you are missing out on.





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